Stress Less and Chill Out

I gotta get this phrase entrenched into my brain because I've been running around in circles lately and not making much time for the most important people to me. I've realized I have a lot of reading to do and a couple of documentaries to catch up on and I'm going to that over this weekend (awesome sauce!).

It's Friday again so I gotta find some events to do on the weekend but I have one planned already. I'm going to the Ai Wei Wei exhibit on Saturday with Cady :) It's going to be fun. I've read many reviews about it and really excites me to even think about going (not much of an art fan in the first place).

Fall has officially started and it's awesome even though I am starting to get a bit chilly. I can't wait until it snows because I love going sledding.

Back to work for me.



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