TGIF Awesomeness!

Hey Everyone! It's Friday again (cue party music). The day is going by quick and it's been awesome so far. I'm currently catching up on all the SEO and SEM news on Feedly (awesome reader) and doing work. New things coming down the pipeline for Google; I can't wait to test them all! *excited*

The new Robocop movie looks kinda cool but I really do not like the fact that Robocop is a burnt guy with a robotic armor instead of a guy that has been rebuilt with only 3 human parts - heart, brain, and face like in the original 1987 Robocop. See below both Robocop trailers and compare. (note: the 1987 Robocop trailer looks more like a mash up of the best of scenes in the movie rather than an actual trailer).

2014 Robocop

1987 Robocop

Enjoy! Back to work I go.



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