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How low can you go? That’s the question Canadians are asking their banks these days, and rightfully so, with mortgage rates hovering on historic lows. Home buyers who were priced out of the market not too long ago are now wide-eyed and chomping at the bit to seize an opportunity for that oh-so elusive home ownership dream.    That opportunity comes in the form of an affordable mortgage rate, where naturally, buyers are picking up the phone and clicking on their banking apps to make appointments with their big banks’ mortgage specialists. Seemingly everyone is in a mad dash to get pre-approved  ASAP.   Of course, it’s still a process and there are some things to consider before making such a huge commitment. Let’s be honest, it’s all about not living with any type of regret as the days and years pass. The best way to do that? Educate yourself and arm yourself with knowledge and resources to make the best decision possible.   Here’s how Perch is in the business of helping you do just tha

Perch releases innovative online tool that provides users with real-time mortgage rate quotes

  TORONTO , Feb. 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Perch , the Toronto -based proptech company that seeks to help Canadians build wealth through real estate with its intuitive home ownership platform, announced today the launch of Pathfinder. The free web-based tool, accessible through desktop or mobile browser at , transforms how people shop for mortgages. Pathfinder asks for a few details about what a buyer or homeowner is looking to do, and they can instantly view and sort offers by total savings, mortgage rate, lender, term length, prepayment flexibility, and more.       Perch allows Canadians to instantly shop and compare mortgage offers from 20+ lenders, empowering users to find the best mortgage deals online. As the first company in Canada to offer an instant mortgage rate quote online, Perch's newest tool gives users an efficient and convenient way to shop for and compare mortgages. (CNW Group/Perch)   

Perch closes $1M Seed Round and joins 2022 REACH Canada accelerator program

TORONTO , Oct. 7, 2021 /CNW/ - Perch , the Toronto -based proptech company that seeks to help Canadians build wealth and make more informed real estate decisions through its analytics platform, announced today the close of a $1 million seed funding round and its acceptance to the 2022 REACH Canada growth accelerator. Created in 2018, Perch provides personalized financial insights that optimize a buyer's path to homeownership. Perch offers a platform that enables greater collaboration with real estate professionals and streamlines the user's mortgage application experience. Once a homeowner, proprietary analytics allow users to know when to leverage their home equity to build wealth. "Canadians consider housing affordability to be a major problem and we're offering a solution that helps simplify the path to home ownership," said Perch founder Alex Leduc . "We built Perch to give users clear financial insights, without needing to build their own co

New markets for growth

Perch will be expanding quick and adding support for the following new markets: Perch Victoria, BC Perch Hamilton, ON Perch Vancouver, BC Thank you for all your support and keeping up with Perch's growth journey. It's been amazing so far. Don't forget to check out or let your friends know about Perch's mortgage tools below. Perch Mortgage Rates: Perch Mortgage Calculator: Perch Mortgage Mortgage Penalty Payout Calculator: All of Perch's tools: Perch on Google: Perch Perch on Quora:

Real Estate meets technology

 Hi Readers! I've been with Perch for 2 months and I can say is WOW. There is a lot of opportunity for disruption within the real estate space. All the middle men along the way to purchasing a property still use old school methods to transfer data that is not efficient. Here's what I've been working on and it will bring great value. We're still doing regular updates on the page to increase engagement and readership value. Project page: Any feedback is welcomed! Thank you, Jason

Time to try my hand at real estate

 I've recently joined a Fintech called Perch to help assist in the growth side. There's so much opportunity to help Canadians buy a home and manage their wealth. For more information, check out Perch at and their suite of mortgage tools to help you learn more about how to manage your home wealth.

The great bitcoin rally

 Wow what a 2020 for crypto. All the long time holders saw their gains come to light and believers became makers. I hope 2021 holds amazing times as well. I'm starting a bitcoin commerce called Giftzen