Jason Chan Adventures

My first post answered some vital questions about what my name is and what I do on a daily basis but I have not posted my picture yet. Below are some random pictures of me so everyone can get used to what I look like.

Disclaimer: please do not read further if you are offended by the sight of randomness; thank you.

Jason Chan
Jason Chan with a mustache at the Taste of Danforth.

Here's Jason Chan with a mustache at the Taste of Danforth! This pizza in a cone place was giving them out for FREE. Who could resist?!

Ok ok, I kid... now for an actual picture of me without the mustache.

Jason Chan
Jason Chan without a mustache looking tired.

Now I'm kinda clean shaven. Note: the bags under my eyes; it must have been a long day for me.

Now you have seen my face! now you can rest in peace (lol).

Next update is my adventures at work with my co-workers.



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