We have finally moved into our new home!

Happy Monday Everyone!

Over the weekend, Cady and I packed up all our stuff and moved over to the new apartment with the help of some friends (Andrew Yeung was one of the helpers). The day was met with many problems - one being that we had the elevator at the new place for 1 hour less than they quoted us for. So we had to move a whole truck full of stuff up to our apartment in 30 minutes (not possible); luckily the people that booked the elevator after us allowed us to use the elevator for 45 minutes as they went to pick up their second load of stuff (phew).

Yesterday, Cady and I just unpacked most of our stuff and built patio furniture. The stupid Lowes patio set came with 3 right arms and 1 left arm for the chairs. We'll have to ask for a new chair left arm now from Lowes.

We're all settled now and getting used to the place. We have no internet until September 3rd (I might go crazy). Cady's best friend Megan is staying with us starting tomorrow until the first week of September (awesome fun!).

That's all the awesome updates I have.



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