It's Friday and we are graced with a new Google "Hummingbird" Algorithm Update!

It's Friday, Friday, Friday! that's the good news. Now comes the bad, we've been told today that Google has updated their search engine Algorithm since last month. This Google update is being called "Hummingbird".

Search Engine Land has a great article about the update -

Don't worry my fellow SEOs, the "Hummingbird" doesn't effect our efforts much as we have been doing (unless you are black hat!). The update does more good than bad for SEOs. Google updated their Algorithm better indexing of websites to accommodate for "conversational search". Conversational search as describe by fellow SEOs is the human speak to search engines. For example, I would type in Google search "find me a great Italian restaurant near me" instead "restaurants in Toronto". This open the door to a large number of new search queries and rankings never seen before.

Another effect of this update is that affiliate sites with razor thin content are being devalued now and their ranks are dropping quickly. This gives more power to legit websites to rank on terms taken up by EMDs and affiliate sites with very little value. I believe Google will remove them eventually but for now, I'm happy with the update.

I'll be combing the net for more news but I'll leave everyone with this summary.



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