Cryptocurrency, you weird

Cryptocurrency is all the rage right now. We keep hearing non-stop about people gaining or losing the equivalent of a lamborghini overnight. I've been doing a bit of trading recently and I can say that it is hard. HARD is the right word to describe it. You are always dealing with FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt) about where to put your money next for the big gain. It's so easy to be addicted to it. I lost money and I gained money. It was a rollercoaster day by day. If you would like to try it out, I would recommend coinbase for a small amount to start ($10 - do not buy bitcoin though, the sending fees are too high [$17+]. Disclaimer: Please do your research before investing in cryptocurrency. I started at Cryptocurrency FAQ I cannot say this enough to everyone. This is a super risky investment and it should be treated as such. Even if you do not take this advice, please consider how much you can afford putting in.


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